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Tasmanian 'Dare' Devil Tasmanian 'Dare' Devil

Rated 4 / 5 stars

wow, the size is sooo huge, i love this size so much man. you must have a very good
rig to get it to this size huh? very nice one. the color is also very well done
and matches everything, like this one much.

Don't need eyes to see opera! Don't need eyes to see opera!

Rated 0 / 5 stars

hey nice one. i like the pose and the storming weather background much.
though i think if you can make it a little more saturated would look much better.
but anyway the composition and everything is good already so thats kind of like
and opinion or option only. good work man.

may i ask a question? i know i shouldn't ask here but im very new here and i
dont know or nnot sure where to ask, so ill ask here. if in any case i cant may
a mod please take this question out, i just want an answer quick :).

how come my posts dont show in public? i've recently post two drawings on here
to the art section but whenever i try to find it there i never see it, like its just not there
or instead it went somewhere. but whats confusing is when i go to my profile and i could
see that its uploaded it and its there. can anyone help me get my work to show off in public please? thank you :)

upatrono responds:

thx for the review :) I am always open to critiques because that helps me improve myself.
as for your question, it is easy. when you register here you must get scouted. i am not quite sure how it is done but some other user has to come to your profile and scout you. if you are not scouted your work and tags don't show up in search or tag search but moderators and some special users like Jazza can see your tags and work.
So what you need is to get scouted. Basically that means that someone must vouch for you that you wont break any portal rules or you will both get kicked from this site. That is quite tricky part.